Patriot Edition

patriot edition
The PATRIOT EDITION Podcast brings you weekly content based around the basic principles of Patriotism, with support for Veterans, First Responders and Patriots alike.
The defense of our Country’s principles are not just the duty and charge of the military, but its citizens as well, for without us the United States of America is no different than anywhere else.
Join Birdman as he talks about ethics and integrity from the standpoint of treating everyone fairly and equally, but not allowing anyone to trample on others through their actions or inactions. Only together can we all hold ourselves and our government accountable. Join the conversation online on the Birdman Media – Patriot Edition social media sites, or directly contact Birdman via email.
Ad Mortem Odium , Semper Anticus, and Sic Semper Tyrannis are not just words to us, they are calls to action and we strive to live them daily. 
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